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Hi, My name is Dave Chamberlain.

I have set up this blog for a few reasons.
To keep friends informed about my doings.
To Explain my technological Ideas.
To help explain what I can do for you technically.

Thanks for visiting.

I am a North Idaho Native. Not in the Native American way, but in the fact that I started screaming an yelling on September 6, 1958 in the old Lake City Hospital, behind what is now the IRON HORSE Restaurant.

I graduated as a CHS Viking in 1976, and 20 years later I graduated as an Idaho Vandal 96’. In between those stints in college, I worked as a DJ, New producer and announcer on TV. Created TV and Radio Advertising, and shot horses.

Shot Horses? Yep, I worked 10 years for a company called Steinley’s Photochart Systems of Coeur d’Alene Idaho. I would travel all over the United States installing closed-circuit video and Photo finish systems a Horse and dog tracks.

After graduating with a bachelors’ degree in Business Management of Information Services. (BS MIS) I took a job at DMI computers, in Coeur d’Alene. This was in the infancy of the Internet, so I was able to help take the area’s first internet company (ISP) and take subscriptions from 36 to over 3600. I also planned developed and organized the swift technological growth providing a stable finance base for the company, as I was moved to operations manager after an out of town investor bought the company.

In 1999, Ken Smith, the emperor of Dave Smith Motors, brought me over to the Silver Valley to show me how his company was doing. He wanted to talk about expanding his internet reach. Before I left the meeting, I had a new job.
Using my experience in developing websites and systems from the University of Idaho computer systems, and my marketing and technological experiences from DMI, I helped build the worlds largest Dodge Dealer.

I designed systems that would track customers through the system. When I Started at DSM, there were less that 23 salesperson. At the peak my systems and software supported over 100 salespersons plus a large administrative staff. I created features that were yet to be seen that are now part of everyday life on facebook and outlook.

However in 2004-2005 my health started fading fast. I needed Emergency Triple Bypass Surgery in Spokane in Late 2005.

At that time I was told my hearts Mechanical and electrical functions were totally screwed up, and in less than 5 years I would probably need a heart transplant. All this at the age of 47.

As the interim years progressed, I was not able to keep up with the constant stress of running the systems at DMI, and my medical insurance costs, were too much for the owner of Dave Smith Motors, so they fired me after trying to drum up some cockamamie lie that I had called a female employee a “DYKE”. Later I found out the HR person (Bonnie G.) had berated and threatened the female employee into saying this, but they never got it in writing.

The owner KEN SMITH decided he did not have the guts, and had his minions do the firing. A little 2 month extra pay and I was sent on my way to die peacefully uninsured, after making him MILLIONS of dollars with my management systems. No hard feelings… it was business. People don’t matter, just profit.

However… I bounced back an took a job with Transtector-Polyphaser in Hayden Idaho doing Web Marketing Search engine optimizing. I worked there for a year as my heart keep getting worse. I did get some of their products to high rankings on search engines, before I knew I was at the End of my rope.

So if you want to read more on the Medical stuff, click on the Medical menu bar.

So that is my story, I am now freelancing on computer work, web development, and social media development. I am trying to find as project, or projects, that I can do that will be able to be flexible to my medical testing schedule