Read outloud

In 2009-2110 I was dying. It is simple as that. My heart had become twice its normal size in order to keep pumping blood to my body. In early 2110, I was sleeping approximately 16 or more hours a day. I had no energy, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs without stopping for a minute or two.

_DSC0109As disease progressed, I lost all interest in anything/ I quit working on computers, I hated going to work and didn’t want to deal with any stress. I started drinking more to get rid of the pain I always felt.  I hated feeling my brain start to fade. Because of the lack of blood and oxygen to the brain, I could not fully form thoughts. I used to love to “debate” politics and sports. But then I didn’t even want to do that. I used to like to work out, but I just could not do it anymore.

I was lucky, or basically charmed. Because my Transplant team at the University of Washington decided to put me on an LVAD, I was able to get on a high status for a transplant. I was still getting used to being a Cyborg, when I got “The call” that a heart was available for me. So basically, I really did not have enough time to go through the trials and tribulations that many of my online heart transplant friends have gone, or are, going through.

I am not a patient person, so as the LVAD made me better, I know I would start getting impatient. But Something or someone was on my side, and I got the miracle of a pre-owned heart.

I was one week away from moving home with my LVAD that is 465 miles away from the hospital. We had made e a deposit on a plane to rush me to Seattle from Spokane it a heart became available.

I flat out was not expecting the call as they said the probation period on the LVAD was 3 months, and it had only been  2 and a half months.

I am a positive guy, so I did not get worried, or scared, however I was concerned that my wife and Kid would not get to Seattle from Coeur d’Alene Idaho in time, Because they said it would happen that night. However, it worked out and they did not do the transplant till the next morning. I could not sleep all night, not from worry of dying, but the worry that they would cancel it.

When I awoke the day after the surgery, before I even opened my eyes, I had a long stream of though where I inserted many variables and came up with a logical conclusion. This immediately told me I WAS BACK.

Is it a slam dunk, NO, but I have energy, and I am getting better as they take me off some pretty heavy meds.DSCN6119

I have a huge appreciation for life, but I don’t have a lot of patience with negative people. I look FORWARD to things now, where I used to think only of the moment.

Life is good, period. I am enjoying my friends and family. One of the things I learned from this experience is how many friends I have. I was shocked how many people called, emailed, or Facebooked me, with their best wishes and prayers.