Read outloud

This is a story made for contraction.

Male: 58
Occupation: Digital production and technical consulting.

To get laid. If in the process I find a woman that can do that, and still want to hang with… great.

Oh, come on what the hell did you expect me to say? I don’t lie about this shit. Oh wait, yea I do, but that is to the women. My sexual mores were formed in the late 70’s and 80’s when birth control was new, and AID’s were a half decade away.  Free love, good weed (not really) and awesome in depth conversations. (ok really stupid Ideas) were our days.

My early 20’s were fun. I got to be a DJ and then got to travel all over the US working with people that lived in the towns that we would travel to and stay in. So dating was….Hi, you’re cute, I am from out of town. Do you want to come up to my motel and  snort coke, smoke weed, drink and or fuck?   Never kept stats, but I am sure the snorting coke got them up to the room better than the rest.

So here we are, a 22yr attempt at a lifetime marriage… I don’t consider it a loss, I consider it a……. tie.

to be continued.