Read outloud

A just and caring government that is fiscally constrained in non-short termed emergency expenses such as weather or  riots.

A government that provides basic routine or emergency medical care that does not exceed 9% of a citizens total income for the year.  A patient may purchase extended coverage from additive insurance programs that would be competitive amongst themselves.

I think that everyone should pay a 17% income tax.

The only Federal Tax breaks for corporations would be a percentage of U.S. Based Employees income taxes.

Corporations will be taxed extra for, heavy emissions, area infrastructure security needs.

I believe that every child in the USA and it’s territories should have access to the Internet, at home or in school.

Every school district needs to maintain a federally mandated digital communications.

Starting in first grade, every person that enters first grade is issued a super table and that will contain the learning material.

Total community based internet connectivity  for free with competitive  providers.