Read outloud


People are good, Ideas are bad.
So listen to me, and agree to my version of sanity.

understand, who I am
just a version of your reality.

I always speak the truth when I am saying
Every thing you do has kept me swaying.

Truth belong upon the ear of the beholder
But understanding  is in the grasp of the beholder.

Brain Dead
No degree
cuttin’ down trees

All along we say we feel it.
But you here you don’t believe it.
You are a new wave of intuition
Your brains are straining with maleducation.

Feel it
Peal it
Strip it from your mental mastication
Chew your brains away.
Don’t struggle with comprehension
I will explain your fears and dread.

So never mistrust YOUR intuition.
Don;t let someone run your mind.

Never think of others behavior,
Give you excuse for your behavior too.