I think the first real use of self driving semi-autonomous vehicles will be Delivery trunks and Mail Trucks.


Web and Traffic Cameras in the Coeur d’Alene, Dalton and Hayden Area

A look at the many Traffic cameras in our area.

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Tech issue solutions

Brake not in loop in word press.  It is a plugin,  that won’t work. you HAVE to go into your cpanel and then go to file manager and then go to  wp-content then  plugin directory   and remove the social media plugins.

Searching for the perfect computer– First leap.

I know I can’t afford the perfect computer, but I like to imagine the best computer, and what I could do with it.  I seriously think I could challenge any computer.

That being said, I look at the basics of my 3 models of computers. Because what is perfect for one, may be horrible for another. 

I used to recommend PC’s to new  customers. But my experience in working with older people adapting to new computer access is that, in reality 100 percent of what they do can be done on a tablet.

A 10.1 or bigger screen with nice keyboards for using in PC mode.

Now there are more models like the Surface pro from Microsoft. ( which I really really like ) but I like a sturdier keyboard when I and using big screen when editing photo’s. So I prefer a keyboard like the Logitech 480  bluetooth keyboard. It allows you to switch to three different Blue tooth devices so that you can use a bigger keyboard for type on your Phone and/or tablet when at your base location. Or just pull it out of the computer bag. It is battery operated. Now the Surface pro and others have their own keyboards, which I do not find to be totally adequate. But it’s speed in tablet mode running windows 10 is quite remarkable. I see the Seahawks use them on the sidelines all the time, so I figure they can take some abuse.

New things to say

  • It shuldnt matter, but it does.
  • your skin is a layer upon layer of your future.
  • A dreary midnight thomb
  • my life is focused 2 feet away my mind is everywhere.

Th= trolls creed

My Dream of AmericA

A just and caring government that is fiscally constrained in non-short termed emergency expenses such as weather or  riots.

A government that provides basic routine or emergency medical care that does not exceed 9% of a citizens total income for the year.  A patient may purchase extended coverage from additive insurance programs that would be competitive amongst themselves.

I think that everyone should pay a 17% income tax.

The only Federal Tax breaks for corporations would be a percentage of U.S. Based Employees income taxes.

Corporations will be taxed extra for, heavy emissions, area infrastructure security needs.

I believe that every child in the USA and it’s territories should have access to the Internet, at home or in school.

Every school district needs to maintain a federally mandated digital communications.

Starting in first grade, every person that enters first grade is issued a super table and that will contain the learning material.

Total community based internet connectivity  for free with competitive  providers.

The 7 year itch.

This year on April 19th, I acknowledge my 7th year of living with another mans heart pumping inside my body. My first few years were quite extreme as I tried to recapture what I thought I had lost.
In the last few years it seems that I have become more or less apathetic in my struggle to retain my glory days.

I no longer feel the need to conquer my fears, or feel that I owe anybody anything. Yet,  I do on both accounts.

Much like my TV hero Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, I feel I must die alone, for I took nothing into this world, and I leave it with nothing. Along the way, I know I have made bad people rich, and good people suffer. I know I have worshiped the green monster called money. I have sought to rectify the evil thinking that permeates our society. Yet, all is as it is. It will no change for, or because of me.

Having been reduced to a begging soul, not for a religious savior, but a world where I need not be afraid to die because I cannot afford this months live sustaining medicines. Is it because of the lack of medicine. No. It is because of the people of the United States who are afraid of their voice. Afraid of the bankers and pharma whores. Afraid of a psycho in the White house. Afraid of Police and courts who only want to punish and not provide means to a healthy life.

This is the source of my apathy.

I cannot, change the mind of a person that believes what the media spews. I cannot change the mind of a corrupt government official who believe that the party they belong to is always right.

The ignorance of the unchallenging are the meek that inherit the earth. Good luck with that.