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This is a story made for contraction.

Male: 58
Occupation: Digital production and technical consulting.

To get laid. If in the process I find a woman that can do that, and still want to hang with… great.

Oh, come on what the hell did you expect me to say? I don’t lie about this shit. Oh wait, yea I do, but that is to the women. My sexual mores were formed in the late 70’s and 80’s when birth control was new, and AID’s were a half decade away.  Free love, good weed (not really) and awesome in depth conversations. (ok really stupid Ideas) were our days.

My early 20’s were fun. I got to be a DJ and then got to travel all over the US working with people that lived in the towns that we would travel to and stay in. So dating was….Hi, you’re cute, I am from out of town. Do you want to come up to my motel and  snort coke, smoke weed, drink and or fuck?   Never kept stats, but I am sure the snorting coke got them up to the room better than the rest.

So here we are, a 22yr attempt at a lifetime marriage… I don’t consider it a loss, I consider it a……. tie.

to be continued.

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April-June 2016 Journal American Apitherapy Society How a Bee Sting Saved my Life: Poison as Medicine By Christie Wilcox, 24 March 2015 Ellie Lobel was ready to die. Then she was attacked by bees. …

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San Jose: Cop issues first public apology for notorious anti-Black Lives Matter tweets – San Jose Mercury News

I like the way they handled this. It truly is a matter of freedom of speech limits.  Police HAVE to be above reproach. If that requires paying them more, good. By becoming an official with a badge and a gun you have created a contract between yourself, and myself, a citizen, that you will treat me fairly and within the confines of the law. That contract is also clear that you behave publicly in a way that is not threatening, nor treasonous in speech or gesture. So, I think this officer figured that out, and is getting appropriate social guidance.  -DTS

A San Jose police officer who controversially got his job back after he was fired for making violent Twitter threats against the Black Lives Matter movement has issued his first public apology nearly a year and a half after the notorious comments.

Source: San Jose: Cop issues first public apology for notorious anti-Black Lives Matter tweets – San Jose Mercury News